Shiatsu and holistic manual massage center, located in a small town in the Garrotxa region, near Olot, surrounded by nature, which will allow you to enjoy an exceptional landscape and a healthy environment.

Services I offer you

Do you want support in your process?

With you, we will find the way to an integral health where the heart and the mind exist in coherence, reaching the balance

Shiatsu in motion

It facilitates the processes that appear in life. It is derived from Shiatsu originating in Japan and performs body work based on TCM and energy meridians, using different techniques such as pressure, stretching, connections and auxiliary therapies (moxa, Sotai, AID ...), acting on the physical body ( work on musculoskeletal and organ problems) and influencing the energy system.


Holistic chiromassage

Therapeutic massage with or without aromatherapy.
Personalized sessions with regulatory effects on pain, general feeling of energy, moods and fatigue. It produces well-being on a physical and emotional level.


Comprehensive treatment from the reflex areas on the feet.
Ancestral massage of points on the feet that reflect certain areas of the body to relieve discomfort, stimulate healthy body functions and balance the body's systems to find balance.


Immune system

They strengthen the immune system

Do you feel pain?

Relief of physical pains such as back, lumbago, joints, stiffness ...


They improve metabolism and eliminate toxins Balance posture


They improve blood and lymph circulation

Nervous system

Relief from stress and tension


Increases physical and mental performance. Improves vitality


Increases body awareness

Rest and well-being

It helps to regain better sleep, digestion and other physiological disorders


They calm and promote mental clarity


They help moderate and manage emotions


Self-acceptance and relationship with the environment


Support in your process when you need it

We take care of ourselves

The body is the vessel of the soul

Why we cry?

There are three types of tears: Basal tears found in the eye to lubricate, nourish, and protect the cornea. They are a protective barrier. Tears

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Where I am?

In a place in La Garrotxa ...

A volcanic basalt cliff with a village above it, surrounded by nature and with spaces where you can enjoy an incredible landscape from its natural viewpoint or walk along the various routes and connect with the purest nature offered by its forests, stimulating all the senses.  

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Opening hours

From Monday to Friday from 15 to 21 pm
Saturdays morning from 9 to 13 pm

About me

I'm Yolanda Moreno

My interest in natural health and enthusiasm to enjoy life, lead me to research and acquire new knowledge that expand my resources to make them available to everyone and support you to maintain or recover the balance at all levels.

Shiatsu in motion Therapist and Auxiliary Therapies (Moxa, Sotai, AID,…) School Dhimahi, endorsed by A.P.S.E. and F.E.S. 

Shiatsu extension training and massage techniques. Homologated course of the Dhamma Center with Official Certification of Professionalism

Reflexology Therapist. Homologated course of the Dhamma Center with Official Certification of Professionalism

Initiated in Reiki method Usui

Archetype Healing by Colin Bloy

Courses in Dietetics and Nutrition, Metamorphic Massage, Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, among others.